Keiko Ogura


Keiko Ogura survived the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima as an 8-year-old girl.  “The next day, I wanted to see what had happened so I came up here,” she says, at the top of a hill in Ushita, Hiroshima,  “The whole city was destroyed. You could see all the way to the Seto Inland Sea. It looked so near, like you could walk.”

Watch Keiko's testimony in this powerful video - presented by Ari Beser's Goss Grove Films- in which she brings us back to her old neighborhood of Ushita and the site where she was at the time of the blast. 

Raise your voice with Keiko and all Hibakusha who have been pushing to ban and eliminate nuclear weapons for decades. We now have the opportunity to make this happen through the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We now have the opportunity to stop funding nuclear violence instead of funding human needs. We now have the opportunity to stop risking the lives of future generations. Take action to ensure there will be no more Hibakusha. Remember the lost of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, honour their memories and the Hibakusha with action.



Video: Ari Beser's Goss Grove Films