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    Jongkeun Lee

    Jongkeun Lee was 16 years old when he survived the atomic bomb of Hiroshima. His testimony reminds us that not only Japanese people survived the atomic bombs, but thousands of Korean people were there as well. Korea was occupied by Japan at the time. Many were forced to live and work in Japan. Their experience is often erased, even now. Jongkeun's testimony is a powerful reminder of Japan's complicated history and a call to learn from that history by joining the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

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    We lived through the fire of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 75 years ago. We dedicated our lives to making sure that our generation would be the last hibakusha — the survivors of the atomic bombs.  We learned to be brave, hopeful and bold. We learned that it is up to people like you and me to stand up against nuclear weapons and the leaders who threaten the world with them.

    The last great challenge we face is to ban and eliminate these weapons. Face it with us. We're nearly there.

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